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Serapioni Progetti is an international architectural and interior design studio, working to provide the best quality projects to the clients. One of the main activities of our architecture Studio is the specialization in the hotel design. The most important goal of this experienced company is to increase their clients’ business using creativity and working professionally, delivering innovative design which always respect the local environment and culture, satisfying the client’s inspirations.Our global is always to create structure of contemporary design that limit strong emotions and sensations and, at the same time, strive to create environments of aesthetic comfort that will stand the test of time. Since 1978, Serapioni Progetti have been working mainly in architectural planning and service related to development of tourist hotels to create atmosphere of luxury dressed with an international flavor. This experience was entranced by working next to international developers on multitude of residential, hotel and commercial projects in several countries of the world, that testify theirs vast experience and ensure to the clients specific skills in planning and interior design of Hotel and Resort. All designs made by Serapioni Progetti start with the study of the spaces as appropriate, first to create harmony between the functional and communal areas, the guest rooms and the staff back of house. Every study is based on the customers requirements, staff and guests circulation, always trying to rationalize the choices. Their wide range of competences allows the development of architectural design in all its stages, site supervision to the interior decoration from project management to safety coordination. For other 30 years, Serapioni Progetti has been successfully completing projects from the preliminary design and site feasibility phase to the final construction.