Serapioni Progetti delivers a wide range of services. We are passionate about what we do and love the challenge to provide hotel design.

We are driven by the belief that our surroundings directly influence the quality of our lives.

Serapioni Progetti provides the full package of in-house services:

All works realized by SERAPIONI in several countries of the world testify their vast experience and ensure to the clients specific skills in planning and in interior design of Hotels and Resorts.

In fact their wide range of competences allows the development of architectural design in all its stages, up to the site supervision and the interior decoration. Thanks to the work made over the years, realized in countries with different architectural traditions and cultures, SERAPIONI has the pride of designing considering the local context, rather than only taking abroad the Italian style; in order to make this concept real, SERAPIONI’s team do many researches related to the interested countries, to deliver unique projects, enabled to show a special space, hard to forget once admired. All designs made by SERAPIONI start with the study of the spaces as appropriate, first to create harmony between the functional and communal areas, the guest rooms and the staff back of house. Every study is based on the customers requirements, staff and guests circulation, always trying to rationalize the choices.


We are focused on international design quality with local service delivery. We draw on our global expertise to provide context-specific and cost-effective design to clients throughout North Africa, Middle East, Europe and the Americas. Our commitment to sustainability and investment in research and development drives innovation in the design-led approach. Our standard of excellence for ospitality projects fuses global trends in hospitality design with sitespecific implementation. We strives to create pleasantly memorable, cost-effective environments that meet global industry standards and resonate with their individual.



Our Interior designers, specialist and consultants provide services as space analysis, space planning, interior design, concept design, bespoke furniture design, refurbishment and new build installation design. We approach every project objectively, providing a high level of service that will reflect the qualities, values and aspiration of the Client. Our international experience extend across a range of new-built and refurbishment projects for both public and private sector, and includes schemes for commercial premises, cafes, restaurants and bars, and specialist hotel and resort accommodation.


We are committed to creating vibrant urban spaces that enhance quality of life. We believe that architecture and landscape should be complementary and that great design is a synthesis greater than the sum of its parts. The design of an urban space must address a broad range of interrelated factors and, to be successful, it must express the delicate balance among function, climate, style, budget and culture. To achieve this goal, we begin each project by thoroughly studying the needs of the client and analyzing the site until we have gained a thorough appreciation of the issues and challenges. Then, after many design iterations that also look at precedents and context, we evolve an inspiring vision that steers the project to completion


An expert team of proficient visualizers with years of experience in architectural and graphic design is at the forefront of architectural visualization throughout the world.

Out team produces outstanding images and animation to enable our clients to win design competitions, gain planning approval, communicate their designs, and market proposed developments before they are built. The team have backgrounds and qualifications in design, product design and multimedia. This provides us with an enhanced knowledge and understanding of our clients requirements.


Services provided include planning and programming, equipment procurement, MEP estimating, lifecycle analysis, design assistance, construction operations support, startup and testing commissioning, and ongoing operations and maintenance support.

Our experience in the design of technological systems, including the largest and most comprehensive range of sectors, with particular reference to the design of heating and air conditioning, refrigeration, electrical, plumbing, fire protection and special facilities, providing a full service as related to various areas of plant design.

Also constantly invests in the study and use of renewable sources, designing low energy buildings, with the intent to make the best use of primary energy derived from renewable energy sources in order to achieve a high energy saving and, at the same time, optimizing the investment.


Our commitment is lavished in order to create the design of structures in reinforced concrete and steel, transport, infrastructure, photovoltaic systems and telecommunications. All technical staff is subjected to a continuous process of professional training and updating both technological and regulatory environment. Particular emphasis is placed on knowledge of international standards and languages in order to facilitate the design outside of the national territory.

With over ten years of experience and qualifications, our team is prepared to meet every need of the customer in every phase of the design; we pay attention to the balance between territory and innovation in infrastructures.

Whether it’s the concept for a new city hotel, an interior renovation, or the master plan of a resort, we plan, design, and provide solutions.

Our dedicated team of hotel specialists has deep knowledge of hotel design and planning, and we create hotels and resorts projects integrated with the local surrounding

Each of our projects is driven by exacting design processes that respond uniquely to each client, context, and place.

Our comprehensive understanding of the hierarchy of and relationships between operational functions, coupled with our expertise in international hotel requirements and guidelines, has provided us with unparalleled knowledge of current design thinking and best practices.

With more than four decades of experience in hospitality design, Serapioni Progetti has a thorough working knowledge of design guidance and specific legislation relating to hotel developments.

We also have a detailed and practical knowledge of methods to translate guidance and legislation into the built form o create facilities that are fit for purpose.

Based on our experience, we consider a number of fundamental factors and concerns to formulate our recommendations on materials and finishes; these include durability, ease of maintenance, and the comparison of shortterm costs versus long-term or whole life costs.

We embrace the importance of back-of-house facilities and imaginatively treat these areas—which are the heart of the hotel—to enhance living standards in this “underground” community.