Our team


Arch. Sandro Serapioni

Arch. Marta Serapioni
Director of Technical services


Our Team

Arch. Cristina Milanese
Planning department

Arch. Fabio Caselli
Planning department

Arch. Matteo Pellis
Planning department

Arch. Marta Carraro
Landscape and masterplanner


Arch. Giuseppe Politi
Planning department

Christian Valsania
3D and Render department

Arch. Alessandra Gallo  Interior design department

Arch. Alfredo Corradini
Designer, project manager

Arch. Giuseppe Digiorgio
Interior design department

Arch. Bernard Tournet Interior design department

Andrea Serapioni

Arch. Iker Gomez
Planning department

Marco Mele
3D and Graphics department

       Daniele Ristagno         3D and Graphics department